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Acting as a reference in the European market, we offer a complete range of services to support any type of organisations all along the EU funding process, from opportunities identification to project conclusion.

European Proposal Setting-Up
Euroquality offers a wide range of services for project setting up, tailored to each of its clients’ needs, expertise, and experience of EU projects: from full and complete support in proposal setting up, to thorough proofreading before submission, and through lighter support and assistance.

Multi-domain expertise

Work with highly qualified and domain-specific experts

Our experts are our most valuable asset for reaching the excellent quality of work we deliver. For each mission, we assign the most relevant team of consultants, composed by two or three experts with complementary backgrounds and levels of expertise.

The complementary of the Agri-food consultants enables a wide range of topics to be addressed, structured around three main focus areas:
Sustainable agriculture and environment
Fair and healthy food systems
Inclusive and resilient rural areas


We are proudly contributing to a more sustainable future

Our wide range of projects share a common purpose: innovate for a greener, more inclusive, and just future.


    PREPSHIELD fosters a more holistic and citizen-centric approach to health crisis preparedness and management.

    3.9M - 13 partners
    Coordinated by Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale - Italy
    2024-2027 - RIA

    Modelling pollutant transport across the soil-water-atmosphere conituum, and impacts on ecosystem services

    6.8M - 12 partners
    Coordinated by Wageningen University - Netherlands
    2024-2028 - RIA

    SOLARIS demonstrate physical and digital solutions for the PV industry, on various use-cases encountered in Europe.

    5M - 15 partners
    Coordinated by Danmarks Tekniske Universitet - Denmark
    2024-2028 - IA

    SUNNY aims to provide highly replicable solutions for green energy transition and energy access in Africa.

    4.6M - 17 partners
    Coordinated by Technical University of Berlin - Germany
    2024-2028 - IA

    Unleash the power of art to improve soil literacy through network establishment, funding initiatives, and an EU soil festival

    6.9M - 19 partners
    Coordinated by AFES - France
    2024-2028 - CSA

    Adaptation solutions to reduce climate change impacts on health and health systems in the Mountain area

    6M - 27 partners
    Coordinated by Euroquality - France
    2024-2027 - IA

    Development and validation of sustainable and affordable solutions for urban seismic exploration of geothermal resources.

    4M - 7 partners
    Coordinated by VITO - Belgium
    2024-2027 - RIA


Your specialists in European funding programmes for innovation

Working exclusively on European programmes, we have acquired unique knowledge and know-how, especially on three major initiatives. Our methodologies are transferable to other funding frameworks (e.g., Innovation Fund, INTERREG, Eurostars).

Horizon Europe
Horizon Europe is the European Union's key funding programme for Research and Innovation.
The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for environmental and climate actions.
Erasmus+ is an EU programme aiming to support the educational, professional and personal development of people in education, training, youth and sport, in Europe and beyond, through lifelong learning.


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